Minikahda Mini Storage - Twin Cities Self Storage


How do I pay my monthly bill?
We have several options to make your monthly payment.  With our AutoPay program, we can automatically charge your Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express card.  Or you can pay online at  You can always mail in your payment or stop by the office during business hours.

Am I renting the space month-to-month or am I on a lease?
We have a month-to-month lease. Payment is due on the first day of the lease and is due on the same day of each subsequent month, until you move out. We ask for a 14 day written move out notice.

Can I get a discount if I prepay?
Please talk to the Property Manager about our Long Term Discounts.

How many locations does Minikahda Ministorage have in the Twin Cities area?
We have 1 facility in the Twin Cities metro area, in:

Is your facility heated or climate controlled?
We have both heated and climate controlled units.

Can I store my motorcycle at your facility?
Yes, you can store your motorcycle at our facility.

Does Minikahda Mini Storage provide suitable storage units for sensitive business equipment such as electronic equipment or other excess inventory?
Yes, we have climate controlled units available at our facility.